Manufactured with Bella Fleur's internationally patent-pending Solid-Core technology, EnsoGlass delivers design versatility, beauty and durability for shower and bath.

EnsoGlass has an easy to clean antimicrobial surface that gives outstanding depth, chemical resistance and durability.  

The majority of laminated glass and other products on the market today are extremely heavy and tend to delaminate with heat and moisture.

EnsoGlass is Solid-Core, meaning it is not laminated. EnsoGlass is safety glazing approved, lightweight, and beautifully translucent.

As design needs for bath and shower environments increase, EnsoGlass transforms the living space and adds tremendous value and beauty.

Download the EnsoGlass KITCHEN & BATH brochure (PDF).


STYLE: EnsoGlass Shower Doors
SIZE: Custom & standard sizes

1/4 in (6.35 mm) minimal tolerance
3/8 in (9.53 mm) minimal tolerance

HARDWARE: Custom & standard styles
FOR NEW OR EXISTING CONSTRUCTION Cut-To-Size and Edge Sealing services included

•  Safety Glazing Approved.

•  Impact strength 109 times greater than conventional glass.

•  Solid-Core™ re-inforced strength

•  Half the weight of glass.

•  6 times greater thermal performance (R Value) than glass.

•  Energy Star® rating within insulated door and window units.

•  Antimicrobial surface gives outstanding depth, chemical resistance and durability.

•  EnsoGlass is easy to handle, and easy to cut and drill on-site.

•  Encapsulating real organics

•  Standard & custom designs

See Bella Fleur's Downloads page for complete info.