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Specifications & Testing Data


We are committed to holding our products to the highest standards in order to be a design solution for clients around the world.

Please call us with any specification requirements for your project.


•  Safety Glazing Approved.

•  Impact strength 109 times greater than conventional glass.

•  Solid-Core™ re-inforced strength

•  Half the weight of glass.

•  6 times greater thermal performance (R Value) than glass.

•  Energy Star® rating within insulated door and window units.

•  Antimicrobial surface gives outstanding depth, chemical resistance and durability.

•  Sound transmission comparable to typical interior wall.

•  EnsoGlass is easy to handle, and easy to cut and drill on-site.

•  Encapsulating real organics

•  Standard & custom designs



ANSI Z97.1 Safety Glazing PASS
ASTM D790-10 Flexural Strength / Modulus 17,500 psi / 860,900 psi
ASTM D638-10 Tensile Strength Max Load / Modulus 6,504 psi / 726,100 psi
ASTM D695-10 Compression Strength (Max Load) 23,557 psi
ASTM D256-10 IZOD Impact Strength (Notched) 9.1 ft·lbf/in
ASTM D732 Shear Strength 16,900 psi
ASTM 2583-07 Barcol - top, bottom 40-46
ASTM D570-98-10 Water Absorption - 2hrs @ 212F
(212 degrees F = boiling water)
0.257% (unsealed)
ASTM D1505 Density / Specific Gravity 1.23 g/cm3
ASTM D635 Flammability (Burning Rate) PASS, CC2
ASTM C518-10 R Value - Avg. Thermal Resistance
(1/4" gauge)

.18 hr·ft2·°F/Btu

ASTM C518-10

U Value - Thermal Transmittance
(1/4" gauge)

.91 Btu/hr·ft2·°F


Sound Transmission Class


ASTM D870 Wear & Moisture Resistance Excellent Performance
ASTM D4060 Abrasion Resistance Excellent Performance
ASTM D1308 Chemical Resistance Excellent Performance
ASTM D1308 Household Chemical Resistance Excellent Performance

Care & Maintenance

Use warm water, mild soap and a soft sponge or cloth to clean EnsoGlass.  Over-the-counter glass cleaners may also be used.  Do not use alcohol, acetone, lacquer thinner, solvents or abrasive compounds as only warm, soapy water is necessary.  Do not use squeegees, scrapers or synthetic rags that may scratch the material.


Wear proper safety equipment including safety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing.  Circular saws and band saws are recommended as a blade that moves in one direction produces smoother, cleaner cuts.  Diamond blades and drill bits are preferred.  Use of a vacuum for dust control is also recommended.  Always secure material to prevent excessive vibration. Leave original protective film on material during fabrication.